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End Of Financial Year Sale - 20% Off Storewide

Hi World!! 20% off everything found in our online baby clothing shop:!! Yes, that's right, we talking 20% off our baby clothing collections such as baby bodysuits, baby shorts, baby jumpsuits and baby pants. Time flies and we are now going into our first End Of Financial Year Sale, and to celebrate the occasion, we are putting our entire collection on sale for the month of June only. Apply this code at checkout EOFYS20% and get 20% off everything found in our online shop:!  

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Dremy and Co - 2022 up and running !!

Thank You Kindly! Again, thanks for all your support as the team at Dremy and Co are slowly turning baby clothes from an online project to an online experience. We are getting more traffic to our website, targeting new designers and planning out new arrivals. We have been running a few competitions and giveaways, for T&C's, please check our Instagram Page. Also, End of Summer Sale started: Super-soft and breathable baby shorts made from 100% pure cotton Short-sleeved baby bodysuits with a print inspired by endangered animals. Comfortable single colour Jumpsuits for your baby.

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Dremy and Co - Kids Butik - Time Warp and now its 2022!

Long time no Dremy Blogging :) All of the sudden its 2022 and the team at Dremy and Co - Kids Butik are working hard trying to keep up with all things baby clothes. We are sending out packages with baby bodysuits, zip suits, beanies and shorts. Fun fact, we had our first interstate delivery of a baby bodysuit which means that we are going national - thank you Queensland! Thank you for your support and lets see if we can get a pop up organised soon!

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A few weeks in and .....

Dremy and Co - Kids Butik is a few weeks in and we had our first 'real' sale. You can always count on family and friends for a few, what I call, 'pity' purchases which we are very thankful for!! However, imagine the confusion when we had an online purchase from someone......we didnt know..... Straight away, we were asking ourselves who is this person is and why did they order.......until we realised that we reached a layer that goes beyond the very warm and very comforting layer of family and friends.  Our first 'real' customer is on the books

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Launched and ......what now?

We launched Dremy and Co Kids store!! Baby and Toddler clothes such as bibs and pants and shorts now available. The team are trying to keep up with what needs to be ticked off. There are so much to figure out and learn around Google listings, Facebook and Instagram requirements. Funny story, one of the garments descriptions contains Amber Leaf which was picked up by a Facebook script, apparently I am not allowed to promote the buying or selling of tobacco products or tobacco paraphernalia..... its a baby bib! Cant wait until I got a handle on this, exposure is key! Good news is that we got our first sales, to be honest we thought they would be weeks away!  

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